Ollie Jupp - OJ Motors

Similar to many small business owners, I found myself rushing around more and more, working longer hours and getting more stressed as I tried to build my business up.

I turned to Ryan to help me sort my problems out. Rather than just fixing my issues, Ryanโ€™s coaching enabled me to learn how to do this for myself. I now have the confidence, skills and knowledge to improve my business, forever.

Thanks to Ryanโ€™s expert advice and training, my company is running a lot smoother. I have seen an increase in turn over and as a result, a higher net profit too. I am now getting a better return on time invested in my business and now work part-time, meaning I can spend more time doing the things I love with my family.

I highly recommend Ryan to anyone who owns a small business. I will continue to see him to work on my own self-development and improve my business.


Ollie Jupp | OJ Motors

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