About Us

Over the last three years, we’ve helped multiple business owners to “show up” differently, enabling them to see that they could achieve what they previously thought was impossible.  

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If you would like to take your business to the next level, and you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone, get in touch.  And, be prepared; you’re in serious danger of becoming even more successful than you thought possible!  Your knowledge, skills and confidence are about to change…for good.


We will help Entrepreneurs develop their businesses to create jobs, wealth and prosperity for over 100,000 people within the UK.


Ryan Andrews & Co. Business Performance will provide education, training and support to enable Entrepreneurs to achieve better business results and become more self-confident, resourceful and capable.  In short, we help people Think Big and make it happen.

Our 12 core values


We will always be open and honest.


We will always be helpful and supportive.


We will always speak truth. What we promise, we deliver.


We will always be polite and courteous.


We will always continually improve our performance.


We will always go the extra mile and deliver exceptional quality.


We will always remain impartial and non-judgemental.


We are highly organized and efficient. We always have a plan & stick to it.


We are fun people to be around and we maintain a friendly work environment.


We will stay focused and give 100%, even after we have succeeded.


We stay disciplined in our actions and work. Our results are always consistent.


We are confident in our own abilities, and the abilities of those around us. We always focus our thoughts and energy on a successful outcome and we believe in ourselves and our colleagues.

Meet the team

Ryan Andrews | Managing Director

Relaxed • Ambitious • Entrepreneur

William Holden | Operations Manager

Straightforward • Laid-back • Problem solver

Chris Stevens | Senior Consultant

Easy-going • Uncomplicated • Listener

Fun fact: Chris is a qualified chef, so if you need any menu ideas, give him a shout!