Matthew Bartlett - Automatt Ltd

I decided to start a coaching programme with Ryan because I lacked business knowledge, was time-poor and wasn’t earning enough. I wanted to expand the company, and have more free time, but I didn’t know how to achieve this. These issues ultimately lead to me considering taking a step back and downsizing – not the way to grow the business!

I had tried to solve these issues by working more to increase revenue, but this was counterproductive to having more free time. Before I started coaching, I was feeling stressed and wanted to pack it in. Then I worked with Ryan. Now I am more knowledgeable and calm, and although it’s only been 18 months and there is still a way to go, I’m happy with the progress I have made.

The most significant changes in my business are moving from a small 800 sq ft building in a rural location to a 6,700 sq ft building in the business hub of a busy market town. We have doubled our sales revenue and substantially increased profitability.

Working with Ryan has given me the confidence to move forward, and the increased financial understanding to make better decisions to grow my business. The thing I like best about coaching with Ryan is the way it challenges me to think harder and learn by self-discovery.

I can highly recommend Ryan as a coach because he knows his stuff. He’s a personable guy who is easy to get on with and is always there if you have a question or need a sounding board.

Matthew Bartlett | Automatt Ltd

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